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Springdale Apartment - North Portion

As directed under the January 25, 2010 Project Implementation Schedule by TEDC, Velsicol continued the next phase of Work (remedial activities) at the Springdale Apartments – North Portion. This Work was preformed following the corrective action requirements of Velsicol’s Memphis Facilities RCRA Corrective Action Only Permit THHW-158. The Corrective Measures (Work) are described in the General Work Plan Corrective Measures dated August 10, 2015. As part of this Work a Notice of Intent (NOI) and a Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan were prepared and submitted to the Tennessee Department of Environment (TDEC) on August 13, 2015. Remediation contractor (Denovo) mobilized to site in mid- September and actual site work began in early October. TDEC personnel provided periodic (weekly) inspections of site work during implementation. Remediation work was completed in mid-January 2016, with fence installation and seeding completed in early February. Site will be inspected and erosion control measures maintained until establishment of grass cover at site. At which time future site maintenance will revert back to the property owner. An interim Measures Completion Report was submited to TDEC in October, 2016. The report and TDEC approval letter can be download from Project Reports.

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